The First Digital Assignment

At the moment I am brimming with pride at the response to my initial digital leaders assignments.

When electing my digital leaders in a large school I was unsure about the students i had and how they were going to work out. So I have elected 10 students and 5 Backup students should any of the initial 10 be unsatisfactory. In order to make this call I set up the students with Digital Leaders Projects. Each of these has a different topic area so that it would appeal to girls and boys and the students could only then call themselves Digital Leaders and gain the coveted badge at the end of the assignment.



My 2 smallbasic students were Issac and Adam, who both produced and outstanding piece of work giving me example code that you can use and different programming assignments. They also produced a presentation in Smallbasic showing you how it works. I was really chuffed and had no problems giving them the digital leader moniker.


Aaron and Alex produced a good piece of work on Twitter. The aim was to introduce students and teachers to the joy of twitter and explain how it works(this will have an e-safety angle within the school as well). I wanted them to make a powerpoint presentation so that they could show and explain how twitter works to a newbie. The presentation is clear/concise and shows exactly how it should be used and the features. I really look forward to next year when they will do some presentations to students in the school about how to use it.


Moodle has been a bit of a mixed bag in our school and it has only been really running for a year. it’s provoked a bit of a marmite response, some love it (me) others really hate it(a lot of other people). So what I tasked this group with doing is commenting on how they would improve the Moodle.  This was a challenge to 2 students who are usually very techie, but don’t necessarily like the ‘report’ angle, but they have come up with a questionnaire and a response for how the digital leaders feel about the Moodle and weather it is a good or bad thing. I’ve agreed to run the questionnaire in my lessons as I know I use it and would be interested to know the response. I think it would also be interesting to see what the response is around the school. you can view their questionnaire here.

I’ll update this more as more assignments come in and will add the presentations of the work too.


I had one of my leaders drop out of the program, this was disappointing but one of the girls had simply taken on too many extra curricular assignments in one go.  I think that I will handle this through setting a new assignment at the start of next year and discussing this with the existing leaders who my reserves are and who they feel should go forward, I want them to engage in this project and think this may be a way forward.


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