Looking for something….not sure what it is yet.

So I’m reaching the end of my second year in this school as a teacher of ICT/Computing. I’ve had a number of big successes this year and am making big in-roads in my school with things like computing.  I’ve put a lot of effort this year into a number of projects that should kick off big time next year as well and wonder….should i be doing all this for a lowly M4 teacher wage? I’m ambitious and a love my job, but i do wonder that a HoD job would stop me doing all the stuff that i love doing? How do other HoD’s cope with the levels of work and the extra projects that they do?

This is some of the projects I have worked on and achieved this year (this is more for my records than anything)

Digital Leaders

So as earlier blog posts i’ve started the digital leaders and have got my 9/10 students working well and look forward to continuing this.


I’ve established a twitter feed within the school and have made some really great insights. I’ve got the school to start looking at this as a valid form of communication to parents and the outside world and i’m going to run esafety trainign for students-by-students on “what twitter is” and “How twitter works” which i think will really give students an effective e-safety input into the school


I’ve been a big leader of this in my department (only one using it regularly) and again am getting a lot of feedback from students how to use it, which i think is fantastic and I’m really starting to see students engage with the moodle as far as using it to check grades etc. I ran a CPD on moodle and have reported to SMT that they need to come up with a framework for people to use it (I’m thinking of almost doing this myself, but not sure i have time)


Computing Society

the 6th form came to me with this idea and although i haven’t supported them massively have let them run it for the last term and have now seen the organisation required here. I think this could be a real winner with getting students engaged with programming and think it is important to get students who are not so social (digital leaders) involved in the ICT department and how it runs. I’m hoping that this will eventually lead to a hack-day or some kind of after hours session.


Flash Club

So, this one has been a passion of mine since animation 09. in 09 i had one of my students highly commended(spanish armada) and this year i had one of the students in this school win a prize for “best ending”, and to be honest, i’ve never been prouder. I think this club has engaged students that would normally be more trouble around school and also the students who maybe other clubs don’t apply to. I’m hoping to carry on this project next year and build on the successes in school




Outside of school
I’ve been working with a lot of people at Teachmeets and cas and I’d love to do a CAS hub at our school as I find Preston and Manchester can be a bit far for some teachers, but i think that this may be too much (i’d love to know how other CAS hub leaders manage), I’m also going to be working with Bolton youth authority on a games creation course for 2 days which i think will be really good for my own profile and get me some ideas for how i would run a Hack day within school.


What’s this all about?

So, my question, with all this going on, how will i cope with another job, or is it simply a change in priorities? Instead of doing the stuff i love to do, do i have to do the job that people from above are going to scream at me to do? (the dreaded paperwork!)



  1. codeboom

    I think it follows the rule that if you’ve got a task to do, it will expand to fit the amount of time you have available. So, if you’re a HoD, you do have other bits and bobs to do but you can still do the other stuff as well if you work smart and organise your time properly.

    The extra stuff I’ve found I had to do as a HoD was things like filling in exam entries, making sure schemes of work were written, going to extra meetings, putting stuff up on the VLE, helping other staff, sorting out problems, making sure that information was properly passed on etc. It’s sometimes hard to do that as well as being innovative and offering help clinics/clubs/learning new things, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

    The one thing I would say is that if you do extra things like you’ve written in your post above, try to make sure you get credit for what you do and that more senior people understand how many hours it’s taken you. If you don’t do this, and then you suddenly decide you haven’t got time to do these things any more, it may be taken in the wrong way.

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