Digital Leaders – The first meeting back

So I’ve been back 2 weeeks and called my 9 digital leaders together to decide on our first terms work. The aim is that i woudl like students to determine independent thought and ideas for them to make their own digital leader projects.

Initially i came to the meeting with a few initial ideas, but i also wanted to find areas that students have their own interests in.  In our school, we have ICT rooms open at lunchtimes for students to complete homework etc. so Digital Leaders are now allocated to classrooms on those days to ether work on their own projects or help other students in their coursework.


From lasyt year we needed a digitial leaders logo. I know that the digital leader network has a logo competition that was succesful in generating a logo, however i feel it is important to give students a sense of ownership and by designing a product for their own school, it gives them a sense of pride in the work they are completing. I have provided the challenge of setting up a logo and a prize (box of cookies, Healthy school will kill me!).  This is due at the next meeting, after half term. (This is the ICT department logo, designed 2 years ago by one of my students Adam Brownlow)


At the same time, i wanted the studnets to have their own say and viewpoint, the hope being that they can integrate a blog and other tools in and they can comment on the work they are doing and what they have done. As Web Design is a love of one of the students i have put him and another student together to delegate and organise the work between them


A number of students have been looking for ways to integrate other communication methods into school communication. So they are looking at making a number of help videos to show students how to use smartphones effectively. I would also like students to investigate maybe making a help video on how to use twitter on your phone as we have a school twitter feed and i need more students to follow it.

Work at home

a number of studnets want to look at ways that they can send work home, I think this will directly tie into the smartphone element, but as an initial project to work together i think it is good and it allows them to do an analysis of googledocs vs dropbox vs icloud vs everything else

Social Networking

The last group is looking at use of social networking within school and the ways that students use social networking. The aim is that they will produce a display for the classroom on the effective use of social networks.


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