Digital Leaders – The Christmas Edition!

So the Digital LEaders have been working for a full term now on their various different projects and I think things are developing well. There are been a couple of things that have really been a success:

Work around the school

What has been really great is having a number of members of staff using and utilising the digital leaders for work. We’ve had posters made by the students explaining online storage facilities and staff asking for questionnaires and feedback for different areas of school life. I think this is great to get students seeing themselves being used around school in a positive way. The leaders this term have helped with the school newsletter( allowing collaboration between students)

Digital Leaders Training

Students have been trained this term on ActivStudio. I thought this was a good idea as some of the teachers in the school are unconfident in it’s use and there was after school CPD on the topic so it can help to “firm up knowledge”. Each of the digital leaders for each piece of training they do gets a badge on their own profile on the moodle, highlighting that they have done training and can be approached by staff to help with that topic

The Tech Talk
Digital LeadersThis is think has been a major achievement this term. I pushed the idea out that the students should make a podcast of what they are interested in. I think this may lead to other things that we can use fof promoting ICT around the school. I floated the idea of having a “tech topic”, “social issue” and a “website of the term”. So, in their first issue, the students talk about:

  • “is the term geek offensive” which highlights social issues around the school and tackles bullying
  • “which tablet to buy” which seems to be a big question that I keep getting asked
  • “Website of the term” – this time it’s a google music making web 2.o app
  • and their “top tech toys for christmas”

The students really had a buzz doing this, and the fact that it is being put on the Itunes store gave them a big buzz, which i think is great (you can find it by typing “Canon Slade” into Itunes) or by going to Itunes, File, Subscribe to podcast and pasting this link I used PodOmatic to host the cast after they first created it.

The next issue will be “the gaming issue” which will discuss their favourite games as well as promoting some of the computing topics e.g. scratch, textadventures etc. this will hopefully highlight some areas we can develop in school.  Students woudl reallly appreciate feedback through a twittter mention to @canonsladeict

The website

One of the students has really taken on the job of keeping the website up to date. He has made his own Weebly site and is now working on making it effective. Next term i’m going to focus on giving guidance to make sure it stands out and getting the students to mail to him their own posts on what they have done and how they are working.

Twitter presentation
This was a bit of a disaster as no students wanted to learn how to use twitter, however a member of the school SLT showed up and sat listening as the students explained in brilliant detail how they use twitter. Which was really positive as they did get to present to someone and it also highlighted safe use of social networks to the school SLT.

She was so impressed the boys will now present to the headteacher next term.

So….whats Next?
The digital leaders have really had a tough job as i’ve been trying to work out what to do as well as them working alongside me. The success of the podcast and the website really great and i hope this continues. We are going to try to move the podcasts to once a half term and really get them cracking with that. We have a lot of displays to do and also a promotional video telling students why to take GCSE Computing.

We are also aiming to have an after hours night for lower school(e.g. y7 and y8) with an evening making their own text adventure game with parents.

If you have ideas of projects i’d really love to hear from you.


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