Do teenagers have anything positive to say on social media?

Been thinking about this recently.

I’ve been working with the digital leaders to make presentations for an assembly on E-safety, online presence and trollish behaviour and this got me thinking, do teenagers actually have a positive voice online?


Now, before we get this started, i know that there are many students out there who do some fantastic work and have a fantastic online presence. But then, when i started to look at this assembly, i tried talking to my teenage students (year 8 – 10) about how teenagers are percieved, and to prove a point i typed in the school name into twitter…..Bad Move.


What followed was a line of what can only be described as foul-mouthed abuse (big shocker, glad i checked the screen before i unlocked the IWB). I guess we have known this for a while, but we know about the idea of the average 13 year old playing X-box live.


What I’d really be interested in is how you promote a positive online attitude in your class.


I know, my DL’s have a fantastic online presence and are erudite and really think about what they tweet/post and i see some great stuff. But how do you promote this in your class. Could i make a wall of positive blogging/you tubing in school? (although this could probably be met by derision by 90% of the school)

I guess we were all as bad at one point in our lives, but with the recent spell of online suicides due to cyber-bullying, how do we show students their actions have consequences? OR that positive medals really work (A-La League of legends?)


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