Why I became a teacher

Ok, as it’s the start of a new term I’m going to really start to update this regularly. However, I also know I have a 5 week old and a 2 year old and I’m starting a new job, so I doubt this resolution will last long.

I just thought I’d share this. I recently left my job at one school and will be starting a job in a new school (albeit with a bit of a promotion). I was really sad to leave that school as I loved the people I worked with, especially the students.

I think at this time of year it’s important to realize why we do the job we do, it’s not for grades for the students, its to inspire them to do something and take this forward. When I left, 3 of my flash students made me the most amazing animation and I have to say it brought a tear to my eye (and that’s not good in a room of 30 kids!).

I just wanted to finish this post with what one of my students wrote to me in an email that has inspired me to be a teacher, I think it kind of sums up why I became a teacher and this will inspire me to push further to be better and work just of hard in the future.

“Before I say goodbye once more I just want to say that you will be missed lots, and by more people than you might think. Personally, you are part of the reason why I want to go into the field of computing and eventually become a software engineer. I would also like to become a teacher of computing at some point as well and teach other students with the same ridiculous amount of enthusiasm you taught us with. You are pretty much the definition of an inspiration and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you sir,”



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