Resources, what would you do?

Since i’ve started teaching, i’ve always been open to sharing my resources and/or knowledge. This is mainly because when you first start teaching you suddenly realise that to create everything from scratch will do one of a few things to you:

  1. remove sleep from your life
  2. burn you out
  3. turn you mental forever thinking of new ideas

I’ve been teaching 5/6 years now and i think that most of the resources that i may have “borrowed” from other teachers have metamorphasised into my own ideas, they’ve evolved beyond what they first were. This is mainly because this is how i believe you become a better teacher, not just re-using the same stuff year on year, but picking at least one unit each year and trying to re-develop resources to make them more relevant/exciting/interesting.

And in ICT I think this is more-so important as our subject never stops.

I’ve openly shared my resources online via this site, TES, Twitter, Youtube and more recently CAS. but now I’m questioning how I’m sharing. I mean it’s nice to have the recognition for your work and that’s why all my stuff is on Creative Commons license, but I’m wondering if the financial reward could be something i could look into?

This started because TES sent me an email recently asking if i would like to monetise my resources so only people for their “Prime” service can access. I can see where this is going and I’m not sure whether I agree with it or not? one of my TES resources has 16000 views and a lot of downloads, i’ve been in schools where i’ve exclaimed “that’s mine” much to the shock of the teacher!

This has a couple of issues:

  1. Will anyone want a resource when TES charges for it?
  2. Will i get clobbered for copyright, is any idea truly original?
  3. Things like youtube videos, should i monetise something that helps my students learn?

I’d love to know people’s thoughts on this as I know that some teachers release their materials for free and others charge a fee for some of their larger pieces (e.g. workbooks).

I don’t know if I would have survived if someone hadn’t shared their original resources, but i also think with the monetisation of the internet, why shouldn’t i cash in?


One comment

  1. Mary Cooch

    It’s a really difficult one, this. Nowadays there is so much expectation that resources are freely shared that you can almost seem money-grabbing if you try to sell something even if it’s just a PPT for a few pounds; it will be interesting to see what others’ take on this is. But more importantly, I’ve never been quite sure where do/teachers stand in terms of ownership of materials made for lessons in their school – I heard somehere the school actually owned them, not the teacher???

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