Awesome Resources

These are resources I’ve make for my work in my school. All my resources are free, but if you use them I’d really love some feedback, just to know I’m doing it right!


I’m in the process of moving schools and suddenly realised the sheer amount of stuff I’ve made/improved/everything. So, I’ve put a Creative Commons licence on my stuff. That simply means, if you use/like my work, please give me fair credit and let people know who made it, it helps me after my resource helped you!

GCSE Computing Promotional Material

  • Matrix Computing Poster – a resource that has done the rounds for a few years. Just taking credit as it was me who made the original! – I made this into a full display as well by breaking it down into smaller parts, if you want it, just ask.
  • GCSE Computing Flyer  – A Flyer i made for options evening to promote GCSE Computing
  • Reasons to program poster – not really happy with this, but may be of some use to someone!
  • year 9 options talk – this is the talk i give to year 9’s to encourage them to take GCSE Computing

F453 Workbooks

I’ve made a number of workbooks for OCR F453 A-Level computing, Each one is designed for a unit in the syllabus, they are not fully comprehensive yet, i intend to develop on them year on year to make sure they turn into something special.

Operating Systems workbook – This is the workbook for F453 operating systems unit. I know there are some holes in it, but it will develop and improve hopefully with time.

Other Stuff

  • Digital Leaders poster – Alright it has my name on it, but it’s in PNG format meaning you can change it in fireworks.
  • YouTube Channel – I’ve been making a number of youtube videos for each area of GCSE Computing, Hopefully good for revision.
  • My Careers in ICT/Computing posters – THis is an idea i developed from a set of posters Mark Clarkson did a few years ago. These feature quotes from people who do the jobs and why they do them
  • My TES Resources – A lot of the stuff i do i’ve added to TES, so check this out here as well

I’d love some feedback on any of the work I’ve produced, just to help me keep on top of the work and to improve.

 Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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