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Digital Leaders – the legend grows (January Term)

So the digital leaders continues from strength to strength with their work. I hear reports circulating around the school about how they have helped teachers fix broken powerpoints and help with how to use activ-studio. This is the idea and this is their positive impact.

However there have been a number of other positive things that we have been doing with our own projects and it’s good to highlight them here.


So, another part of my remit this year is that of of E-safety. Through discussions with the school Child Protection officer, she felt that it would be beneficial to explain the issues that were faced online and that had actually happened so that the digital leaders could understand how children in school were effected. This had a real impact on the students and how they percive themselves online. We are now thinking of having a display that the students made from this discussion in order to highlight their feelings on e-safety.

Computing Videos

One of the tasks I set was for the students to adversise a computing through a video. I think this had partial success and think that it requires more guidance to make sure they follow the remit. The one that they produced had some issues with sound so i ended up using a non-sound version for options evening, which looked more like a powerpoint slideshow. I think in future i will have to give more guidance on this one. you can view the result here

The podcast is one of the major successes of this year. I get students to come up with a topic, discuss issues surrounding it and put it on Itunes for them to download. The issue they did this term was “the gaming issue” where they talked about the new tech that is coming out in games this year and also enthusing students in the ways to make their own games.

The thing that i struggle with this is time. I’m getting the students to record which is great, but i am left with the job of putting it all together. I think that following on from this i’m going to start giving them a template for the podcast and get them to put it together when they have recorded it all. For the construction we are using audactity and Pod-O-Matic

For safer internet day, i also knocked out a very quick podcast on how students percieve e-safety and what they think about protecting themselves online. You can view their Itunes channel Here


One of the digital leaders has set up a canon slade Digital Leaders website. This is pretty good, but i’ve tried to give him the task of organising it so that it is easier to use. I think following on from a term where he has been working on the graphics etc. I’m going to get each of the digital leaders to write a post a term to detail what they have done(maybe get some pictures etc.) and then display their work. you can view their website and what they have done so far Here.

Inter School Linkup

This is something that could really be good. I’ve started teaching my digital leaders how to use TextAdventures with the aim of getting them to go to a primary school and teaching the students in primary how to make an adventure game. Depending on the success of this, i can then look at doing a HAck to the Future – After Hours, like i did with Alan (@teknoteacher) about a year and a half ago to get other students enthused about ICT, Programming and computing.

If you are interested in working with me on this i’d love your input. The idea is to do it on an afternoon in a primary school.

Final Thoughts from Mr G

I think that the ideas laid out this term have been good. my lessons that i have learned is the amount of guidance that students need in order to gain them focus. I think this could be an area i need to look into where i get some 6th formers to work on projects with the digital leaders to offer guidance and give the 6th formers some confidence in their abilities too. I’d love to know how often other school digital leaders meet, as i’m finding that doing it one lunchtime a week only gives me 5 hours a term (if that).