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Open Source Teaching

So, this is a thought i had a while ago about Teaching and Open Source.

Part of what i really love about teaching is coming up with new and exciting ideas, it’s why I go to geekups, to see something that someone does, modify it and really make it my own.  I know marking and stuff is part of the job, but ask most teachers and their true joy is getting up and “performing” in front of a class.

I recently went to a Barcamp in Manchester and attended a talk about Open Source software and this got me thinking, surely we should promote Open Source Teaching? 

I share my resources that I make for classes quite openly and freely (and hopefully they make a difference in someone else’s class) on the same principal of open source (or creative commons)

Why Should i Bother?

It’s a good point and a good question. Why should i share my stuff, as let’s face it anyone could rip it off and pass it off as their own. would this impact me on the job front if i went for a job and someone said they took my resources as their idea.

One of the first things i learned when i did my management course years ago was that it always benefits you to share your knowledge. The idea that the more you share, the more you get back (or the more it Free’s you up to do other things as people will then be more willing to help you in your job)

Taking it further
from listening to the talk on open source, i was thinking about taking the idea of open source teaching further. I see so many “educational consultants” who charge for their days teaching people how to teach and how to make “the perfect lesson”. I don’t believe to hold that answer, I do what i do, the kids enjoy it, so do I and they learn something in the middle.

But wouldn’t it be brilliant if you have a lesson that you know works well (maybe it’s the third time you have taught the starter that week) and instead of just putting a resource onto CAS or TES, you make a video of how you used it in class showing how it works for you.

If we could get teachers doing this, these sites could then build a repository of videos of lessons that you could watch and see how a teacher teaches and from that develop a resource further. I know there are people out there doing this, so when my year 11’s have left this is my pledge, to take a KS3 lesson, record part of it to show something working well and then upload it to my youtube.

Maybe some average teaching practice(by me) will rub off on someone to make it outstanding teaching in another school